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Baby Bedding Sets - Pillows, Sleeping Bags, Mattresses & More

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Comfortable & Warm Baby Blankets and Quilts

Baby bedding adds personality to your little one’s room along with letting him sleep comfortably during the day and night. Babies often fall sick during chilly weather or when there’s breeze from the fan, so it’s essential to cover them with a baby blanket for winter or cold weather, ensuring their good health. Explore our range o newborn baby blankets, wrappers and sleeping bags to pick the softest and most comfortable one!

A baby blanket set or cotton blanket for a baby is a great choice as it keeps your baby warm and cosy, allowing for restful sleep. FirstCry presents the widest array of blankets for babies, with different sizes, fabrics, prints and styles to choose from. Whether you’re on the hunt for a hooded baby blanket or a 100% cotton one, we have it all. Choose the softest blanket for your munchkin; after all, he deserves nothing but the best!


Soft & Cosy Baby Wrappers & Sleeping Bags

Wrappers and sleeping bags are the perfect choice if you have a baby who kicks the sheets off mid-sleep. Pick from a wide range of wrappers and sleeping bags that are designed to create the most comfortable sleeping environment for your little one, so he can nap and sleep in the utmost comfort. Whether you want a cotton baby wrapper, newborn baby sleeping bag or any other variant, our online store has it all With information on sizing, fabric and prints, shopping for your little one is made hassle-free!


Baby Blankets, Wrappers & Sleeping Bag FAQ's

1. What are the best baby blankets?

  • The best baby blankets are lightweight but cosy, so babies feel comfortable and warm but not weighed down. They should also be breathable and made of soft fabric.

2. What blankets should a newborn sleep with?

  • Use only smaller, lightweight blankets for newborns to minimise the risk of SIDS, which is the highest until the baby turns 1 year old. Try and tuck the edges in to avoid any loose bedding. Cotton blankets are most preferable.

3. What is a good baby blanket size?

  • Ideally, the blanket should only cover the baby’s face and not the body. There is no standard size, as each baby’s height and weight differs. Here is an approximate guide:
Type of Blanket Average Size
Swaddle Blanket 40″ x 40″ to 48″ x 48″
Receiving Blanket 18″ x 18″ to 36″ x 36″
Crib Blanket 36”x 54” to 45″ x 60″
Multi-Use Blanket 30″ to 40″
Child / Afghan Blanket 30″ to 40″
New Born Baby Blanket 30″ x 30″
Small Preemie Baby Blanket 15” x 15” to 18″ x 18″
Large Preemie Baby Blanket 20” x 20” to 24″ x 24″
Lovey Blanket 10″ x 10″

4. What is the softest baby blanket?

  • Blankets made of cotton or muslin, or a blend of both, are usually the softest baby blankets  and best choice, as they are soft and breathable.

5. What are muslin baby blankets?

  • Muslin blankets are made of soft fabric and are perfect for covering the baby while sleeping or even wrap him. These usually get softer with every wash and are most preferred as they are smooth against a baby’s skin.

6. What is the best baby wrap?

  • Baby wraps should be soft and strong, so that the baby can comfortable rest or sleep and there is no risk of tearing or suffocation. The ideal fabric is cotton, as it is breathable and does not wear down easily.

7. When should you use a baby sleeping bag?

  • Most parents prefer using a sleeping bag once their baby turns a few months old. However, no matter how old your baby is, make sure to pick the perfect size, as a large one may be unsafe if your baby slides down further into it. A good time to transition to a sleeping bag is when the baby turns 5-6 months old.


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